Letter: Mack Reid touched many lives in Ridgefield

To the Editor:

Mack Reid retiring brings back so many good memories of how he made Ridgefield so much of a home for me and my family.

In the mid-1980s my daughter Noa’s Scotland school teacher (Jodi) gave her students an assignment; allocating numbers to each of the letters of the alphabet, a is 1, b is 2, and so on, how many words can you name with a total score of 100? It just happened that my computer-savvy cousin was having dinner with us. When Noa told him of the assignment, he offered to write a program that would give every word in the English language, with a value of 100. Noa then went back to school with every word possible and wowed the class.

It was Mack who published the story in a warm, caring way, to share with the town.

In 1991, we had Earlham College friends for a sleep over. With them was a couple from Moscow who were correspondents for a Russian news agency. Their young son will still in Moscow. The next morning, we were stunned that a coup had taken place in Moscow, against the ruling government.

The Russian couple were very upset and wanted their “voice” heard. I called Mack who invited them to his office which resulted in a touching story about their plight.

As a member of the Ridgefield Planning Commission, I was upset that the Red Lion Restaurant wanted to develop multi-family housing, which I felt was contrary to good planning practices. After doing much research and analysis, I gave a strong argument of why the commission should deny the application, which they did deny. Mack was covering the meeting. In the next issue of the Press, the headline read, “Heyman slays Lion.”

Mack, thanks so much for being such an integral part of Ridgefield and touching so many lives. I wish you good on your retirement. May your tennis game only improve.

Joseph Heyman, Ridgefield, Jan. 4