To the Editor:

I would like to express my support for the proliferation of political lawn signs that we recently witnessed in the last election.

From a purely subjective point of view, three of the best signs were excellent in quickly showing the voters who the candidate was, and office running for; namely Rudy’s sign for selectman, Tom Reynolds for Police Commission, and John Katz, P&Z. Each of these signs was clear, concise, and readable driving by at 30 mph. Those with more then one candidate, were too busy to read. Many of the other signs were also difficult to read. The weakest was Capordale’s lawn sign whose font was too small.

Are the signs worth it? I say Yes, not for their effectiveness, but rather to give recognition to those willing to serve our town. Every one, winners and losers, are all winners in stepping up to try to make our community a better place. For this reason, I am for lawn signs.

As far as being effective, doubts. One of the best signs was Tom Reynolds, one of the weakest, was his adversary, Caporale. And yet Tom lost, and Issy won.

Although John Katz’s signs were one of the best, he trailed his three Democratic challengers, but did get more votes than his two Republicans.

In any case, we all owe these wonderful people willing to step up and make our community better, public recognition

Joseph Heyman

Ketcham Road, Nov. 11