To the Editor:

I have lived in Ridgefield for nearly 50 years. Although the town maintains much of its past charm, the requirements for assuring the safety and welfare of its residents need the Police Department to remain capable of meeting new and different challenges.

The Police Commission is central to assuring that the necessary resources are available to meet these needs.

Terry Kirkpatrick’s capability and experience fit perfectly the qualifications for an effective commission member. More specifically, he plays a central role in the safety of the community as a leader in the town’s Office of Emergency Management. Further, his successful career in journalism and corporate management have equipped him to identify what’s most important, to communicate its implications, and to work with others to refine the best approaches to dealing with their consequences.

For all of these reasons, I totally support Terry Kirkpatrick’s candidacy for election to the Police Commission.

Rudy L. Ruggles

Ridgefield, Sept. 4.