To the Editor:

During this week’s Water Pollution Control Authority meeting over a dozen residents voiced concerns about the recent draconian 60 percent increase in sewer fees. The chairwoman thanked all for their comments and stated that the committee would revisit the topic of how the fees are assessed. When pressed as to a timeline for this and when feedback would be given to the community, she declined to give specifics. In other words, a big brush off and many left knowing the clear message: Be quiet, pay your taxes and be happy about it.

In reality, the town now faces a massive expense for the sewer project, upwards of $50 million and more. This falls most heavily on taxpayers in the sewer district, both private and commercial. What is often repeated by the first selectman and the WPCA is that we have a 30-year-old treatment facility and that the State of Connecticut is forcing the town into this upgrade.

Why should any of that be a surprise? Any critical infrastructure item such as a sewer treatment plant will have a fairly known life and a need for a replacement plan. Also known is that regulations for water quality and pollution will only get stricter over the years.

Our first selectman has been in office for much of the life of the sewer treatment plant. Why wasn’t he talking about this 10 years ago and planning for replacement and upgrade costs? He may be a pretty fair manager but this shows that he lacks the vision and leadership skills to be considered for re-election this November.

Roger Restaino

Prospect Ridge, Sept. 27