To the Editor:

OK, Gail. I get it. You do not like gun violence — cannot think of anyone that does. So now let’s move beyond the one-sided view that has consistently been promoted by you and the likes of Chris Murphy, Richard Blumenthal and the NYT/ CNN types. There are additional statistics that tell another story-but don’t fit your narrative. Does the Gun Violence Archive group you quote provide any information regarding the hundreds of thousands of incidences per year where a weapon is used to protect someone? Civilians use guns to defend themselves and others from crimes, but those statistics never seem to get mentioned. I cannot fathom what the end game is that the anti-Second Amendment groups are after other than confiscation. Do they think that more laws will stop the killings in Chicago or Baltimore? Is there a statistic regarding how many of the 38,631 deaths were committed by illegal owners? Law-abiding citizens follow the law — not the criminals. The violence you speak of is more complicated than passing a feel good law and demonizing the NRA. Here is a question — with the thousands of gun laws restricting owners why do we still have these incidents? Another law is the answer?

Finally, the NRA does not hold anyone hostage — come on. It is a membership (of which I am one) of U.S. citizens who cherish their Second Amendment rights just as much as we cherish our First Amendment rights. Key word here is rights. Like you, I am hopeful that our community does not become a 2020 statistic in either category.

Frank Rowella

North Street, Jan. 4