To the Editor:

After enduring the interminable construction of the bridge over Ridgefield Brook, it appears that we’ll see basically the same modus operandi applied as regards the Georgetown train station bridge. Here is some interesting history from the year 1862: “The Pohick Creek Bridge was one hundred and fifty feet long with a thirty-foot elevation. Within a day the bridge was framed. The far greater challenge was the Potomac Creek Bridge which was almost four hundred feet long with an elevation of eighty feet. … one hundred and twenty soldiers (completed the work) after nine days of working in the rain, and a test train was successfully pulled by ropes over the bridge.”

And yet, with modern earth moving equipment and enormous cranes available - citizens will not demand that our government get the job done quickly, but rather acquiesce to inconveniences for the next few years. Sad!

Ray Martin

Marshall Road, Dec. 30