To the Editor:

As reported in the Danbury paper and elsewhere, the Ridgefield sewer user fees are to go up 60 percent ($470 to $750 a year). A further 40+ percent increase is to be expected within just a few years. Ridgefield stands out as charging a flat fee regardless of the size of household. Communities such as Danbury, Norwalk and Fairfield have a fairer calculation which not only take into account the type and size of household but often also water consumption.

While Norwalk charges a flat sewer use fee, it has separate tiers of customers. Condominiums/small households, etc. are not treated the same as larger households and commercial properties.

I average 4.5 CCF (hundred cubic feet = 748 gallons) in my Aquarion monthly bills and I live here 12 months a year in a condominium of two persons. You can imagine that a condominium type household that is not occupied 12 months a year might have considerably less water consumption.

In doing calculations as comparison with these water usage based charges from other towns my annual sewer fee would come out considerably less than even the current $470 annual fee in Ridgefield to say nothing of the drastic increases coming.

There is time for some taxpayer concern on this topic. The two candidates for first selectman in the upcoming election should be challenged on the issue.

Roger Restaino

Prospect Ridge, Aug. 28