To the Editor:

Gail Lehmann’s letter to The Ridgefield Press in its Jan. 2 edition is more fable than empirical fact.

In a letter to The Press Aug. 8, 2019, Gail stated there were 250 mass shootings as of Aug. 3, according to “The Gun Violence Archive”

However, FactCheck. org using ”The Gun Violence Archive’s” list, found that there have been 31 “mass killings,” (not 250) which federal law defines as “3 or more killings in a single incident.”

As for “domestic situations,” they found that 13 of the 31 mass killings involved family members or people in relationships.

Gail claims in 2018, there were 337 mass killings, however Time claims 80; in 2017, Gail claims 346, Time claims 117; in 2016, Gail claims 346, Time claims 71. ( Aug. 7, 2019)

Before I responded to Gail’s fable, I asked myself why, even though the real numbers were significantly lower than Gail’s. But how low is irrelevant because those numbers represent real people who lost their lives.

Why, because every Democrat, Progressive, Socialist presidential candidate, has called for a confiscation of existing firearms; a ban on the private ownership of firearms; termination of the 2nd Amendment.

Gail’s fable is typical Chinese and/or Russian disinformation, people are too busy with their lives to check if the data is real.

In my opinion, there must be some linear relationship between Progressives, Socialists and Dr. Paul Goebbels because they seem to agree fables are good because “the end justifies the means”.

According to the FBI Crime in the United States 2018 Report, homicides were down 6.1% from 2017.

I support background checks, one that deals with fixing NICS and requires all states to ensure the necessary data is timely and completely provided that includes “sealed” juvenile records; mental health records and DoD discharge records. Anything less is unacceptable.

Joseph Trench

Ascot Way, Jan. 6