Letter: Dog waste receptacles on Main Street

To the Editor:

My husband and I just got done emptying all of the dog waste receptacles in town. I walk my dog on Main Street just about every day so fine, it was my turn.

This was truly the single most disgusting job I’ve done in a long time.

Not only was the receptacle at the intersection of Main Street and Route 102 filled to overflowing with bags of dog waste on top of it and strewn about the ground around it, but people had put their empty coffee cups, empty bags of pretzels and other assorted garbage that belongs in their own garbage cans at home.

People, these receptacles are not there to collect your garbage.

Take it home, please.

My daily travels up and down Main Street have convinced me that these receptacles, while a good idea in theory, in practice have offered no benefit.

To the contrary, I continue to see random bags of dog waste up and down the sidewalk. I would ask the town to either pay somebody to empty them weekly — really can we not find $50 a week in the town budget for this? — or take them down altogether.

Eleanor Anderson

Main Street, Aug. 18