To the Editor:

The chairwoman of our Planning & Zoning Commission decided she needed to write a Letter to the Editor pleading for P&Z to retain authority as the Aquifer Protection Agency.

We saw this same reaction when the town had the opportunity to vote to separate the Inland Wetlands Board from P&Z as well.

Why does Ms. Mucchetti fight to control wetlands and aquifer protection? Why does Ms. Mucchetti not want people with environmental backgrounds protecting our water? It doesn’t make sense to me. Could it be ego? Could it be power and control?

The chairwoman is intelligent, but does that mean she and P&Z are more qualified than the current candidates for IWB? No — she is not nor is the rest of P&Z.

It’s very disappointing that she does not have Ridgefield’s best interests in mind. Unfortunately, from what I have seen in the past couple of years, I’m not surprised. Ms. Mucchetti thinks she knows what’s best for Ridgefield more than the residents do - we need to remind her who she works for every time we vote. Maybe then she’ll understand. We don’t expect regulations to be ignored, but we expect our direction to be respected.

Ms. Mucchetti’s argument for 2/3’s of her letter is CT DEEP’s support for P&Z acting as the APA. That may have been the case in the past, but a recent email from DEEP states “the Department supports the change of appointment of the Ridgefield Aquifer Protection Agency from the Planning and Zoning Commission to the Inland Wetlands Commission.” Let’s all support the change at the Town Meeting Vote Wednesday night.

Jeff Hansen

Old South Salem Road, Sept. 2