To the Editor:

Closing the Depot Street Bridge into the Branchville Train Station is not well thought out.

I get it, the town has been told by the state that it is no longer safe after 102 years. These are likely the same state folks who gave us the over engineered, over budget, year’s long debacle over the Ridgefield “creek” on Route 35 looking to line up another sweet plum of a job on the taxpayers dime. I take the train daily, and comments about no one uses the station any more are false.

Yes, years ago it was free and full, but now that it’s a pay to park lot, it’s not.

That probably has more to do with the deteriorating Metro North service and economic woes of CT in general but that’s a story for another time.

I drive down Route 102 then straight into the lot, no problems. I exit the same way with the help of the traffic light as do most commuters.

Closing the bridge will force entry and exit to the southern end of the lot via Portland Avenue with no traffic light. I would argue that alone represents more of a risk than the old bridge.

Good luck getting out of that lot during rush hour especially if anyone wants to turn left.

Bridge closure would certainly have a serious effect on the “Whistle Stop,” possibly forcing them to close. There have been numerous studies on how to improve the Branchville part of town, this is not one of them.

Bruce Maguire