To the Editor:

During this election season, it’s important to remember that government exists to serve the people. This is especially true in Connecticut, which has among the highest tax burdens in the nation and to question if our elected officials are appropriately focused on management and execution.

The state and Ridgefield are too focused on raising revenue and not enough on execution — to the detriment of town residents.

There are multiple examples in Ridgefield’s recent past of poor execution.

First, the Schlumberger property, which the town’s residents voted in 2011 to purchase, showed our town’s leadership’s was focused on simply recouping money by attempting to sell 12 acres in the heart of Ridgefield to an art dealer. The town’s residents rightly rejected this, but it took the town two years for this result.

Second, the renovation of the Ridgefield Playhouse — a main economic driver for the town. Initially discussed in 2015, as we approach five years, the Board of Education has not yet moved its offices clearing the way for the Playhouse’s expansion. This is a perfect example where our local government should be racing ahead and laser focused on execution; it will likely approach a decade between conception and realization, entirely inadequate given the economic situation of the state.

Finally, recently Aquarion begin installation of a water mainline off Main Street in the area of Wilton Road East. It was announced that Aquarion will not be able to finish in time for all affected roads to be repaved. The problem? Aquarion began in July. Why not earlier? The roads will be in disrepair until the spring. Further, Aquarion will soon install water lines on Danbury Road, after the state recently repaved the road; why is the installation of water lines not being done beforehand?

For the love of Ridgefield, let’s focus on proactive planning and better execution.

Matthew Haynos

Perry Lane, Oct. 28