To the Editor:

After reading a Ridgefield Press article on the town Democratic and Rebublican caucuses, I wanted to comment on a particular statement made by our current First Selectman Rudy Marconi. Mr. Marconi was quoted as saying that his intention if re-elected is to continue to do things the way he has been, moving Ridgefield in the direction it has been going.

“I promise I will do the same things I’ve been doing for the last 20 years…”

I was particularly taken by the fact that this current direction represents a source of pride for Mr. Marconi. I think this is quite telling regarding the disconnect that currently exists between the town government and its constituents.

Who is happy with the current direction our town is moving in? If you are, then re-elect Mr. Marconi for his 11th term. We have no term limits for first selectman, keep re-electing him. Let him run unopposed because it’s always easier to accept what is rather than try to change.

An effective town government will always require people to take an interest in fixing what is wrong rather than going along to get along.

If you are dissatisfied with the direction in which we are going, pay close attention to the next first selectman election. Mr. Marconi will not be running unopposed. Dick Moccia, former mayor of Norwalk and current member of the Ridgefield Board of Finance, will be running also.

I urge everyone to put aside partisan politics, ignore the rhetoric, examine the issues and vote for the candidate who best represents their vision for the future of Ridgefield.

Anne Marie Kwalwasser

Conley Court, Aug. 11