To the Editor:

To the person who was passing the garbage truck on Branchville Road Monday morning, Nov. 5, about 7:45 a.m: You were passing on a curve, crossing a double yellow line, passing a garbage truck that was still moving, not stopped and loading.

You were driving a maroon minivan and seemed to be following a white sedan who had just finished passing the truck. We were fortunate that there was room for us to pull off onto the verge without hitting a pole or rock or mailbox, and that we were traveling less than the speed limit.

How dare you drive so recklessly!

What gives you the right to disobey the traffic regulations just because you weren’t inclined to go a little slower behind a trash truck?

You are as bad as those drivers who think that stop signs are not for them, turning right without stopping at a sign or light, blithely tapping the brakes thinking they are stopping when in fact, as far as I am concerned, 25 mph is far from a full stop.

Driving has become more of a challenge exactly because so many ignore the most basic of traffic rules. Today you were lucky and you and I never met.

Next time it may be a totally different case, and you may meet someone who could not turn aside and stop, leaving the police to explain to your family just why you are no longer with them.

Drive like every time behind the wheel is a difficult, complicated, and important act. Just because it is. Every time.

Chris Perry,

Bayberry Hill Road, Nov. 6