To the Editor:

Recently, Donald Trump was quoted as saying “ ... this was a rigged election, everybody knows it.”

This was not the first time the former president has called the 2020 presidential election “rigged.” Apparently, he didn’t read the Dec. 1, 2020 report from former Attorney General William Barr stating that the United States Justice Department had found no evidence of widespread voter fraud in the election. Nor has he acknowledged the more than 50 lawsuits throughout the country claiming fraud or irregularities that were thrown out due to lack of evidence. But none of that stops the former president from repeating what is now known as “The Big Lie.”

I am curious where Ridgefield’s Republican leaders stand on this issue. Throughout Trump’s presidency I waited for our Republican representatives to speak out on his numerous egregious statements and actions; I waited for them to stand up to his countless lies; I waited for them to say enough is enough; I waited in vain.

But I am tired of waiting, so now I am asking outright. I am calling on John Frey, Bob Hebert, Kim Healy and Jonathan Riddle to each respond to Trump’s continued claim that the election was “rigged.”

Do you believe Trump or Barr? Do you believe the election was rigged? I’ll save the question of whether or not you believe the former president was responsible for inciting the mob on Jan. 6 for another time.

Carol Mark, Ridgefield