LETTERS: Support for Will Haskell

Will Haskell

Will Haskell

Contributed photo / Will Haskell

Haskell deserves a second term

Will Haskell deserves another term as our State Senator. He has championed a myriad of policies that empower our residents and businesses. Senator Haskell earned a range of endorsements such as those from the Connecticut Association of Realtors and the Sierra Club.

‘Senator Haskell makes decisions that are guided by science, democratic principles and a belief that government is a means of lifting people up instead of tearing them down.’ He has been a champion for civil rights, our environment and fiscal responsibility.

Senator Haskell has championed targeted tax credits for businesses and prioritizes putting our fiscal house in order. In fact, his vote to protect the Rainy Day Fund when the opposition party proposed draining it proved to be a smart fiscal move. This robust fund enabled Connecticut to maintain it’s A+ bond rating after the pandemic hit and make an early, historic payment to the state’s pension fund.

Mary Dougherty

43 Rippowam Road, Oct. 12

Supports Haskell for reelection

I am writing in support of Will Haskell’s reelection as state senator.

More importantly, I wanted to clarify some mischaracterizations his opponent, Kim Healy, has foisted upon the public.

To begin with, Ms. Healy has called the bill, which was approved by the state House and Senate, “recklessly crafted.”

Fortunately, the bill — HB 6004 Police Accountability Bill — was subject to a 12-hour hearing and vetted with local law enforcement in an effort to address their concerns. Did Ms. Healy attend the hearing?

Further, Ms. Healy has argued the bill doesn’t address the need for removing rogue police officers — those are the ones that operate outside the law rather than in compliance with it — when it calls for increased transparency.

The increased transparency wouldn’t affect the many police officers that honorably protect us on a daily basis, but rather target those that stray outside the law from simply being rehired elsewhere.

Mark Seavy

88 Soundview Road, Oct. 12