LETTERS: Support for Kim Healy

Kim Healy

Kim Healy

Andrea Chalon / Kim Healy

Two Heberts back Kim Healy

The first time I met Kim Healy, I asked her if there was any room for additional taxes to Connecticut residents. With the conviction of her financial background, she noted that there is always room to raise taxes to cover the out of control spending in Hartford, but there was simply not enough money in the residents’ pocket books to cover it.

With Kim’s brilliant understanding of finance, she sees Connecticut’s economy through a different lens. She sees what is possible to right the ship and is capable of making the difficult decisions to return the state to economic prosperity.

Taxpayers have suffered enough; it is time to put the people of CT first and give their wallets a rest. What that means is she will organize the spending where it helps Nutmeggers and not continue to profit special interest groups.

Bob and I enthusiastically support Kim Healy.

Jan adn Bob Hebert

Ridgefield, Oct. 25

Kim Healy knows budgets

As an auditor for PricewaterhouseCoopers and a volunteer tax preparer through AARP, Kim Healy understands balance sheets and taxes.

Connecticut has a budget problem, namely $2.1 billion of debt and $76 billion in unfunded pensions. This has been going on for years and the Democrats’ answer is to raise taxes, find more things to tax, raid the Transportation Fund, and propose tolls.

A survey by BlumShapiro asking businesses what the biggest impediments are to growth in Connecticut found that 79 percent listed costly regulations and mandates, and 74 percent said high taxes. This explains why businesses flee Connecticut.

Kim understands that lower taxes bring in more revenue as businesses expand and others come for a friendlier tax climate. She understands that spending cannot blindly increase without the revenue to pay for it. She is solidly against tolls and will work tirelessly to get state spending under control.

Please vote for Kim Healy.

Linda Lavelle

38 Aspen Mill Rd., Oct. 25