LETTERS: Support for Bob Hebert

Ridgefielders’ letters to the editor should be emailed to: news@theridgefieldpress.com

Ridgefielders’ letters to the editor should be emailed to: news@theridgefieldpress.com

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Bob has experience to help Ridgefield

Like many Ridgefielders, we are looking at the candidates to find out just how they can help Ridgefield. I get a bit discouraged when candidates claim “they support the local businesses” or “protect local schools” etc.

Bob Hebert’s opponent states on her webpage “The same old political insiders in Hartford and Washington just aren’t getting the job done.” I agree! It is time to bring in real leadership in someone who is already in the role for our town.

My husband uses his experience in his commitment to Ridgefield as a selectman. He is not empty words on a webpage. He shows Ridgefield. He jumped in right away to help open Ridgefield and support local businesses with the tools they needed to safely reopen. He pulls together tools/teams to make his decisions. The current tax burden in Connecticut is intolerable. Please vote the 111th seat for Bob Hebert — experience not words.

Jan Hebert

58 Prospect Street, Oct. 12

Bob Hebert is highly qualified

The reason I am not a doctor or lawyer is because I am not qualified.

Despite my verifiable background in finance, real estate, paralegal and public housing, I still would not consider myself qualified to run as a state representative. Without a background in small business, budgeting, and planning, it would be a disservice to try to represent Ridgefield.

Bob Hebert’s 40 year career in business, budgeting, real estate finance, and banking makes him highly qualified to serve as our state representative. I know him to be committed to the town of Ridgefield both professionally and through volunteer work.

I believe he will work in Hartford to provide the tax and regulatory stability that will allow local businesses to stay in business and Connecticut’s economy to achieve economic prosperity.

Bob Hebert is an excellent fit to be our state representative. Please vote for Bob.

Jacqui Bean

Pine Mountain Road, Oct. 6

Bob is dedicated to helping our town

Who is Bob Hebert? I kept hearing good things about this gentleman and while watching the town meetings I discovered a person who has shown great dedication to this town and has repeatedly handled the various issues facing our town with an evenhandedness and a great depth of knowledge that comes from his years of banking.

I have since learned that Bob is fighting against school regionalization and is dedicated to protecting local control of zoning (LCO 3562 Desegregate Connecticut). Bob also is for the elimination of the inheritance tax and Social Security tax on seniors.

This has only reinforced my belief that this is the right individual to represent our town in Hartford.

Debra Franceschini-Gatje

Ridgefield, Oct. 11