Aimee will lead

Aimee Berger-Girvalo is an outstanding candidate for state representative. She is an exceptional leader, motivating others with a combination of hard work, tireless dedication and energy. She listens, cares and acts.

She will work closely with our town leadership, and as a longtime resident, Aimee understands what our town needs to thrive. She is committed to legislation to help small businesses, many negatively impacted by the pandemic, recover and prosper.

As a parent with a child in our schools, I also support Aimee as she understands our school system both in her experience as an educator and as a parent. She is committed to ensuring local control of our schools and will fight for state funding so that more cost is not placed on town taxpayers.

Ridgefield needs her energy, experience and commitment. Please join me in voting for Aimee Berger-Girvalo.

Mary Anglade

6 Harrison Court, Sept. 30

We need Bob

I recently met Bob Hebert, and from just speaking to him for a few minutes, you immediately find out how caring and kind he is.

Beyond Bob’s great personal character, he is also very well informed regarding our town’s issues. He has what it takes to produce results because of his volunteer work and experiences in both the financial industry and as a selectman.

Making good choices regarding the issues we face as a community is critical to keeping Ridgefield the town we all know and love. Bob is absolutely the right person to protect the town from experiencing these proposed detrimental changes to our town. I fully endorse Bob Hebert for State Representative.

Michael Schmer

Woodcock Lane, Oct. 1

Vote for Aimee = Vote for Choice

Given the real possibility that Roe v Wade may be overturned at the federal level, it’s imperative we vote to ensure our local candidates have protecting women’s rights at the top of their list as they enter the new legislative session.

Aimee Berger-Girvalo has always been a pro-choice voter, and now she is a pro-choice candidate. This is our time to ensure Connecticut joins the other states that have codified the right to choose. Although the issue of choice is often seen as a women’s issue, it is in fact a human issue.

Aimee has my vote — she understands the lives women live in our community. If you have any questions, call her. She will be your voice in Hartford. She will represent all of Ridgefield by listening to what we feel is best for our wonderful town.

Amanda Cordano

160 Florida Hill Road, Oct. 1

Bob represents best interests of Ridgefield

In these hyper-partisan times people are quick to judge each other by the R or the D after their name. Others would advocate party line votes because of the circus they see in Washington. As we consider our local votes in November, I think a careless jump to judgement would be a huge mistake. This is why I’m throwing my full support behind Bob Hebert.

I’ve had the good fortune to know Bob for about three years. He exemplifies the grace, humility and good values that make Ridgefield such a wonderful place to live. From his military service where he earned two Bronze Stars to his successful career Bob has proven himself to be a soft-spoken, high-achiever who cares deeply about the trust people place in him.

He is also a person who believes in serving his community and has demonstrated his caring and ethical style through church activities and various leadership positions in town government including selectman.

I know Bob will represent the interests of Ridgefield with the same passion and commitment he brings to everything he does. I urge all voters to get to know Bob. If you do, you’ll want to support him as I do.

Howard Zonder

99 Seth Low Mountain Rd., Oct. 2

Vote for the person, not the party

Please join me in voting for Bob Hebert for State Representative. Bob and I have worked together on the Board of Selectmen for the past five years and I know he takes a non-partisan, common sense approach to issues being discussed. He does his homework in advance of our meetings which ensures he has an informed viewpoint. He is not afraid to ask questions — even the tough questions — to make sure all outcomes are properly vetted.

Bob’s Board experience, thoughtfulness and hard work will serve Ridgefield well in Hartford. In this toxic atmosphere of partisan politics, I plan on voting for the person and not the party — especially in local elections.

Bob is an individual who will always vote for the betterment of our Town and not the party line. This kind of smart, thoughtful representation is what Ridgefield needs in Hartford and Bob Hebert will represent us well.

Maureen Kozlark

O’Neill Court, Oct. 2

Endorses Aimee Berger Girvalo

I endorse Berger-Girvalo for State Representative for the 111th District. Berger-Girvalo chose the path of politics not for personal gain, but to serve others. Economic recovery is one of Berger-Girvalo’s top priorities. Following are some policy measures from Berger-Girvalo:

 Halt all commercial evictions until rental subsidies can be put in place.

 Immediately provide emergency rent subsidies for small businesses that are struggling;

 Expand the Connecticut Recovery Bridge Loan Program to continue providing no-interest loans to small businesses;

You can learn more about Berger-Girvalo’s policy plans for economic recovery, education, health care and more at

Berger-Girvalo is an opportunity for a representative that will fight for all of us. Daunting challenges are ahead. We need the best leaders we can get.

Vote Berger-Girvalo.

Vote Himes. Vote Haskell. Vote Biden.

Ann Godzwon

5 Quail Drive, Oct. 2

Aimee will defend women’s health

As I endorse Aimee Berger-Girvalo for Connecticut state representative, I am challenged to choose only one issue that I wholeheartedly support. In truth, all her policy positions have my full backing.

Due to the recent choice of Supreme Court nominee, a known anti-choice conservative, there is a special urgency to endorsing Aimee, a fierce defender of women’s health and reproductive rights.

Women are such an indispensable part of strong families and vibrant communities. Their contribution to the country’s economy is undeniable. If their physical and mental health is compromised by denying them freedom of choice in their reproductive years, the negative impact, especially for low income earners, will be incalculable.

I am of the generation that fought long and hard for women’s freedom to choose. Aimee’s commitment and energy for this cause is exactly what we need right now.

Linda Fountain

305 Florida Hill Rd., Oct. 4

Bob is ‘can-do’

Bob Hebert has been a dedicated elected official and Town volunteer for many years. He was part of a small group that rescued the Ridgefield Housing Authority from financial and management disaster. He did this because he loves Ridgefield, not because he wants to bring attention to himself.

His can-do attitude is evident in how he approaches his duties on the Board of Selectmen. He is interested in getting things done the right way, not just the way it has always been done in the past. He is always willing to ask the uncomfortable questions. Bob will take the same approach if we are smart enough to send him to Hartford.

He will fight for Ridgefield and he will fight to make sure the majority in Connecticut government are held accountable to all citizens. He will not use the State Representative position as a platform for national and social issues, so he is fawned over by state and national politicians who do not care about Ridgefield. Vote for Bob for State Representative.

Ed Tyrrell

17 Pond Road, Oct. 4