This letter is from a Ridgefield resident who writes to Trump supporters: She submitted it to The Ridgefield Press.

To Trump Supporters:

There are values that should unite every American regardless of viewpoints on other issues.

Each American:

Despite media outlets having biases, value a free press and do not desire to diminish it or refer to it as dictators do, as the “enemy of the people.”

Trust our intelligence agencies more than the statements of foreign dictators and adversaries.

Values our system of checks and balances and that positions like federal Inspector Generals and department heads must be independent versus serving the interests of a single individual.

Believes information necessary to protect our health and safety are not hidden from the American public and decisions on health matters be based on the best scientific expertise that is available.

Desires that our elections are free of foreign interference and that no politician should seek information from a foreign source to diminish their opponent or use aide to other countries as a tool to extract such information.

Believes any leader should seek to find common ground where possible and to bring people together versus to divide.

Though all politicians stretch the truth and bend statistics to their political viewpoint seek leaders who provide information that most of the time can be verified by independent sources.

Believe information that could represent a conflict of interest such as their tax returns be revealed so the American People can be assured our leaders are working for the common interest and not for their own personal financial interest.

And most important, hold passionately that the very foundation of American democracy, our free elections are not threatened by allegations that lack evidence besides hearsay and conspiracy theories that fail to stand up when closely examined.

Is not the assault on our most cherished values, values that truly makes America Great, a cost too high to support Trump regardless of any other political beliefs you may have?

Carey Jaffee