To the Editor:

The Democrats are going to drive small businesses, commercial property owners and rental home landlords out of business and into bankruptcy. The state needs to open up for every business at full capacity, including bars, so the business owners can remain in business, make a profit, and pay taxes to sustain the state government. The Democrats want control of a larger budget, a larger base, but they are driving free enterprise, and their meal ticket, out of this state; in essence, biting the hand that feeds them.

Most important, the Democrats want to postpone evictions, for residences and businesses. Aimee Berger-Girvalo supports halting all commercial evictions and Governor Lamont established an executive order to continue to halt residential evictions. The Democrats want to provide “immediate assistance” to people struggling to pay rent, with our tax dollars, but they are going to bankrupt the property owners who fuel the economy. They are “businesses” also and the Democrats are doing nothing for them.

The Democrat platitudes have got to stop: stop attacking Trump, stop attacking traditional values, and stop wishing people dead; for once, establish a concrete, proactive platform. The Republican platform builds the economy and doesn’t involve handouts and subsidies which will mount a state debt that our progeny will pay for generations to come.

People of Ridgefield need to evaluate the Democrats’ platform and vote against it in greater numbers than ever before, or you will lose control of your schools, adequate law enforcement in the town and in the schools, and lose control of the town structure and zoning permanently. The Democrats’ silence is deafening on every one of these issues. Vote for Ridgefield and vote Republican on Nov. 3.

Jeanmarie McLean

71 Ridgecrest Drive, Oct. 3