To the Editor:

State Sen. Will Haskell, State Rep. candidate Aimee Berger-Girvalo, and State Rep. Ken Gucker demonstrated far deeper understanding of Ridgefield’s needs and priorities than their Republican counterparts at the League of Women Voters’ Oct. 4 Candidate Forum.

Haskell, Berger-Girvalo, and Gucker responded directly, specifically, knowledgably, and clearly. They unambiguously communicated their positions, priorities, and precise proposals to accelerate economic/fiscal recovery, safeguard human rights, ensure public safety. They aligned perfectly with Ridgefield’s concerns, values, and needs.

Conversely, the Republicans obfuscated, recycling debunked slogans/narratives that were stale when disgraced Republican Gov. Rowland debuted them in 1994. They opposed specific bills but then confessed ignorance of the bills’ contents. They cited unverified claims of unidentified “people I’ve spoken to” in flimsy attempts to challenge documented facts. Republicans claimed Democrats controlled state government the last 40 years, which is untrue for 22 of those years.

Vote Line A for Democrats Biden/Harris, Himes, Haskell, Berger-Girvalo, and Gucker.

Alex Harris

Ridgefield, Oct. 5