To the Editor:

How will President Donald J. Trump’s legacy be remembered for his leadership and compulsion to lead?

History tells us that during the Great Terror of 1936-1938, when the Russian dictator eliminated dissenting members of his own political party, and anyone else he considered a threat, he was described by one of his victims as someone who “suffers because he can’t persuade everyone, including himself, that he is greater than everybody, and this suffering is probably the most human thing about him; perhaps it is his only human trait.

But there is something diabolical and inhuman about his compulsion to take vengeance for this same suffering on everybody, especially on those who are in some way higher and better than he. This is a small, vicious man: no, not a man but a devil.”

This seems to fit Trump’s personality as a leader very well. Let’s end the Trump legacy on Nov. 3.

P.A. Torzilli

Old Sib Road, Sept. 28