LETTER: Trump is 'totally unfit'

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To the Editor:

I find it hard to understand how anybody can still support Trump for president. As a bleeding heart liberal, I ask myself if I could support my candidate if he or she were to do and say the kinds of things Trump does and says. While I would hate to have to make that choice, if the alternative was a candidate who perhaps didn’t espouse the things I stand for, politically, but was civil and smart and honored the office, I believe I would vote for them.

This isn’t about what’s in it for me. This is about my obligation as an American. How can I stand for behaviors in my children and people I choose as friends when the most powerful person on the planet chooses to act in a way that is simply disgraceful and unworthy of respect.

It used to be that the Republican Party, led by true conservatives, stood for American pride and were honorable people. The true conservatives I know are shocked by Trump’s behavior. To the point where they don’t support him. They understand that getting your taxes lowered isn’t a chip to be used to bargain away civility and honor and the American reputation that we have proudly crafted all over the globe.

Anybody who can’t admit that Donald Trump is a vulgar, selfish, hateful person and is totally unfit to represent America should take a hard look at whether they still stand for the values that they claim they do.

Chris Grey

Ridgefield, Oct. 19