LETTER: Trump belittles slain

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Send letters to the editor to: news@theridgefieldpress.com

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To the Editor:

President Trump has demonstrated that he has no respect for service to others or to the country. He is unfit to be our president and the commander in chief.

He has characterized fallen soldiers — men and women — as “losers.” He has expressed incredulity that citizens would volunteer for military service (“why would they do that?”; “You think I’m stupid? I wasn't going to Vietnam”). He has attacked Gold Star families. He has attacked fallen soldiers (declining to visit a military cemetery in France, he said: “It’s filled with losers”). He has denigrated John McCain’s experiences as a POW (a man from an elite military family who refused to use his connections to be freed).

Here in Ridgefield, there are memorials dedicated to our town’s dead, by name, for nine wars in which Americans fought. Many hundreds of sons, brothers, and fathers of Ridgefield families gave their lives. It’s unfathomable that our president, our commander and chief, could call them “losers” and nonetheless imagine that he deserves to be elected, again, to the high office of president of the United States.

President Trump — and the Republican candidates nationwide and in Ridgefield who have not withdrawn their support for Trump — have failed to demonstrate not only respect for service to our country, but for our country itself.

Nathan Shapiro

68 Olcott Way, Sept. 13