To the Editor:

I’m frustrated by the words I see in these letters in which folks attack their neighbors based on their political position, as if their priorities are the same as the person at the top of the ticket.

I would hazard to guess that there isn’t a one of us who subscribes to every matter on the agenda of our chosen party. And I’m certain that none of us understands our position in the same way as the opposing view.

The impassioned way that anyone speaks against the other side troubles me because it objectifies the other person. Such language and accusation turns the other person into an object or enemy rather than neighbor.

We need to remember that we are neighbors! No matter what happens on Nov. 3, we will all wake up the next morning living in our town. We’ll need to work together to create the environment in which we want to live — especially because no elected official can do it all.

Those of us whose candidate wins the presidency will undoubtedly have issues that we disagree with. And whoever’s candidate loses will feel the same. Thus, we’ll need to work together to navigate the changing times; our willingness to be in dialogue with one another will make all of the difference!

Let’s use these next 60 days to get good at having conversation that is curious toward understanding, committed to growing in trust, and centered on the shared value that we are all equally-created and valued beings.

The Rev. Whitney Altopp,

St. Stephen’s Church,

Main Street, Sept. 2