LETTER: This is not the time to demand tax dollars from citizens

To the Editor:

Regarding the proposed school budget for the coming year, The Ridgefield Press reported in the Feb. 25, 2021 issue that Superintendent Susie Da Silva and the School Board approved nearly $103.4 million, representing an increase of over 3.45 percent.

This was the exact amount first proposed in January, without the slightest decrease.

I propose there be no increase in the school budget for the coming academic year, with the COVID pandemic still active and many families struggling to meet the added at-home expenses while often seeing a decrease in work and salaries.

Our town of Ridgefield, as well as others across our country, should “stand by” for their shares of the $350 billion that will be going to state governments (out of the $1.9 trillion Biden Administration “COVID Relief” package), much of which will be directed to the schools, teachers and their unions. This is not the time to be demanding more tax dollars from our over-burdened citizens.

In the Jan. 28 issue of The Ridgefield Press, the article announcing the proposed school budget by Superintendent Da Silva printed some of her presentation words describing the budget: “The budget prioritizes a foundation, protects the experience, prepares for the knowns, plans to mitigate risk and sets the stage for future innovation and creativity and world class education.”

I really do not understand what any of that means. A few years ago, we also had a superintendent who spoke in “mystery terms” that were not appreciated by the taxpayers then, and are not now.

Catherine A. Sementini, Feb, 27