To the Editor:

First, let me say I am all for buying local. The recent award to Pamby Motors, when they were not the low bid, is the third time I know of that this happened.

I have been the only consistent bidder on the fuel contract for 25 years. I have lost the bid for less than a penny a gallon to out of town companies. The bid states it can be “awarded in the best interest of the town,” When I asked about that clause, I was told they did not want to be challenged in court.

I have spoken to two first selectmen, two purchasing agents and the chamber of commerce about this issue and have not gotten anywhere.

The town also buys all the small trucks from Pamby Motors with a 1 percent over invoice agreement. We all know that dealer advertisement.

When purchasing goods and services, the board of selectman should come up with a policy that takes into consideration a local taxpaying company, by granting a percentage “handicap” so to speak.

This policy has to be in writing so it benefits all local businesses, not just Pamby Motors. Time for the town to honor “shop local” themselves.

Paul Ciavarelli

39 Harvey Road, Oct. 5