To the Editor:

One of my favorite movies is “The American President” starring Michael Douglas as president running for re-election. In his classic speech he talks about “character” and “leadership.” As I prepare to cast my vote in November, I will look for candidates who tell the truth, believe in moral equivalency, and have the interests of America up front.

By definition, former Ridgefield School Superintendent Ralph Wallace used to say, an elected official is involved in the political process (small “p”) but once elected should not vote based on Politics (big “P”). I have no idea how following scientists and wearing masks and honoring social distancing became political — it is not!

I expect our elected officials to listen to science, respect all of us, and show leadership during this pandemic. I don’t believe in litmus tests in voting but in this election if a candidate does not respect science in the pandemic, then he is not a leader and likely, he/she will not get my vote.

Be a leader, candidates — wear a mask!

Robert M. Opotzner

44 East Farm Lane, Sept. 20