LETTER: Reject GOP for a functional state

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Send letters to the editor to: news@theridgefieldpress.com

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To the Editor:

Political parties in the Connecticut legislature matter a lot. About three-quarters of legislative votes are almost unanimous, except for a handful of Republicans who are so anti-government that they always vote “no.”

But the rest of the time, the GOP votes almost entirely as a block against legislation proposed by the Democratic majority. Democrats mostly stick together too.

Republicans newly elected to the state legislature this year will find themselves under enormous pressure to conform to this unanimous GOP behavior. So if the state’s voters put the GOP over the top in the legislature this year, or in 2022 with further gains, the Republicans will import from Washington the same dynamic that has formed the core of their governance in the U.S. Senate. They will turn Hartford dysfunctional.

Let’s not let that happen. Let’s elect Aimee Berger-Girvalo to the State House of Representatives and let’s re-elect State Senator Will Haskell.

Joe Shapiro

Chair, Ridgefield Democratic Town Committee

Blackman Road, Oct. 9