LETTER: Rail Trail Rapists

Our beautiful Rail Trail has been raped by a crew of chain saw wielding contractors acting under orders from Eversource.

Remember Eversource - the company that sent its line crews out of state just before we were struck by a devastating storm? At least that error can be charged to negligent incompetence, but what they have done to our Rail Trail was deliberately planned. - A wanton act of devastation and desecration of natural low growing habitat that in no way threatened electrical transmission along the 115 KV lines.

Cut everything to the ground, leave no bush or low growing shrubs and tree species intact.

Cut them, kill them, destroy the nurturing habitat they provided for the creatures they sheltered and the people they soothed. Even the bashful trilliums secretly blooming in the moist and shady slopes now laid bare to full sunlight, along with other delicate plant species, might not survive the slashing assault.

The sense of embracing tranquility for those hiking the trail is gone, as is the privacy treasured by residents living along the Rail Trail who had been shielded by a living textured leafy wall. Eversource contractors felled rows of evergreens planted years earlier by Northeast Utilities, left cutting debris to choke a stream and extended their activities to private property. Stumps, logs and tangled brush lie scattered in haphazard piles.

This callous disregard for environmental sensibility needs to be addressed at the highest levels of local and state government. The official or officials responsible for ordering the rape of our Rail Trail must be held accountable. Finally, the devastation must be repaired by an ambitious planting plan that will permanently restore what has been defiled and degraded.

Michael Autuori

Flordia Road

Ridgefield, Nov. 28