LETTER: Pro-growth blindness

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Send letters to the editor to: news@theridgefieldpress.com.

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To the Editor:

As a native of Ridgefield, a town with a New England community ethic that I cherish, I was troubled by John Early’s simplistic and naïve assertions about household income growth in the three years ending in 2019.

In his letter he asserts, without citing the sources of his misconception, that income growth year-to-year was historic and that poverty fell to its lowest level ever. He has overlooked entirely the statistical effects of two recent recessions, both the result of the very lack of regulation he advocates.

He has also conveniently elided the way in which poverty level is defined: the poverty level was raised by 6 percent during the three years Early cites. Under the Trump administration income inequality has bloomed, reports the Pew Center for Research, and regulations have been decimated with disregard for the consequences.

The environmental degradation and income inequality fostered by Republican policies are a threat to our citizens and to our great nation. Cheerleading such destructive policies from the quiet suburban comfort of Fieldcrest Drive, Early overlooks the very real effects of a callous focus on growth at the expense of community and security. To be pro-growth is one thing. To willfully disregard the consequences is entirely another.

David Katz

Seattle, Wash, Sept. 27