To the Editor:

Democrats on the November ballot have advocated and acted to restrict our liberty.

At the state level, they have promoted schemes to allow state bureaucrats to dictate local zoning. They have worked to increase the already burdensome oppression of our children in the classroom and now want to give government commissariats the authority to force our schools to be run on a larger regional rather than local basis, completely abrogating two basic principles of liberty.

First, the best government is limited and enables the freest exercise of individual choice. Second, we are best served by keeping any government physically close to the people to whom it should be responsive. Republicans support this constitutional liberty and have fought to stop and reverse Democrats’ totalitarian efforts.

This Democrat centralization of force is further exacerbated by the federal government where the Democrats have compelled changes in local zoning ordinances and prescribed rules for elementary, secondary and higher education that abridge parent, student, and citizen constitutional rights. At the federal level, these policies are not only assaults on our liberty. They are also illegal, violating the explicit language of the Constitution which allows federal activity in only 18 specific areas, none of which include zoning or education. Trump reversed these specific illegal, oppressive actions.

Obama and his sidekick Biden sent at least two reporters to jail for speech that they disliked. Trump’s vigorous and colorful debates with the press seem to annoy the Democrats, but he never sent any reporter to jail. Only Obama and Biden did that.

We fought a Revolutionary War to avoid the abuses of excessive government, and immigrants every day flee despots in search of constitutional liberty. Democrats are systematically undermining our hard-won and highly prized liberty. A vote for Republicans can stop and reverse this ominous trend.

John Early

Fieldcrest Drive, Sept. 6