To the Editor:

The stolen seats on the Supreme Court require us to safeguard our state laws ensuring insurance covered contraception, prenatal testing, invitro fertilization, tubal ligation, and safe rare abortion services. The country is not split on the issue of choice. In fact, the data shows that access to safe and affordable health care and child care has decreased the utilization of abortion services.

Most Americans and Connecticut residents agree that family planning choices should be made by individuals and their health care professionals or clergy. A non-representative and non-democratically elected conservative senate, utilizing 30 years of gerrymandering, has made women’s health central on the 2020 ballot.

I, a millennial mother, will be voting down ballot Democrats this election. I respect my neighbors and their right to practice any religion or no religion. My body, my choice!

Carina Drake

16 Bayberry Hill Road, Oct. 4