To the Editor:

As a family we embrace Halloween. We decorate, dress in family-themed costumes, and we hand out loads of candy. We welcome thousands of trick or treaters to our door, admire their costumes and offer our porch for group photos.

We feel it is necessary to inform the public that many of us do not feel comfortable handing out candy this year. We do not advocate canceling Halloween for all, but feel it is irresponsible to encourage large crowds of people to gather on Main Street.

We have spoken to at least five other Main Street neighbors, who all agree. Some will be posting yard signs, others will simply have their lights off.

We understand that this is a disappointment — it is for us as well. However, we plan to decorate and have our lights and decorations up and running through the end of the month. We encourage families who may want to get out and enjoy the decorations to walk Main Street in the next few weeks.

Meghan Keane

Main Street, Oct. 10