LETTER: Healy endorses Hebert

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Send letters to the editor to news@theridgefieldpress.com

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To the Editor:

I met Bob Hebert for the first time earlier this year. We have since spent many hours together during this campaign season, knocking on residents’ doors, hosting events, and listening to Ridgefield constituents’ concerns.

During our time together, I have learned that Bob is a man of integrity and honesty, who always makes decisions based on what is best for all and without thought to personal gain. He also embodies the qualities needed to help get Connecticut on the right track for economic stability.

Our state was facing substantial financial challenges before the pandemic, and now the projected deficits are staggering. Bob has the education, background, and determination to address the current fiscal crisis. He is laser-focused on Ridgefield’s needs, and as a selectman, has proven that he knows how to get things done.

We must elect Bob for the sake of Connecticut. Please vote for Bob on Nov 3.

Kim Healy

Candidate, State Senate, 26th District, Oct. 20