LETTER: Haskell, an advocate for the environment

Will Haskell

Will Haskell

Contributed photo / Will Haskell

To the Editor:

We’re approaching a deadline where environmental efforts will no longer be effective. Will Haskell, our Democratic state senator, recognizes the issues of climate change at hand and works diligently to protect Connecticut’s natural resources.

As an involved member of the Environment Committee, Haskell co-sponsored Connecticut’s Green New Deal, a law calling for 45 percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030, and has introduced the Plastic Bag Ban to cut down on the billions of pounds of plastic waste at sea. Haskell will advocate for investments in the Green Bank and Energy Efficiency Fund, providing accessible clean energy to families, businesses, and municipalities.

Sen. Haskell has been and will continue to be successful in his efforts to stoutly address the desperate demand for climate action. I strongly urge you to vote for Sen. Will Haskell for reelection, as climate issues directly impact us all.

Kate Fleming

Ridgefield, Oct. 15