LETTER: GOP is pro-growth

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To the Editor:

Friends, Ridgefielders, and Americans, look at the facts. The nonpartisan Census Bureau has just reported that household incomes in the United States in 2019 rose more than in any year since records began and were the highest in the history of the world, including after they were adjusted for inflation.

During the first three years of the current administration, real household incomes rose nearly 50 percent more than during the entire eight years of the Obama-Biden administration and more than any three-year period in history.

Income for African-Americans, Hispanics, Asians, and the foreign-born all rose the most ever and more than for whites and native born. Poverty was at its absolute lowest level ever, by a big margin.

If we want to assure that we will prosper while at the same time enabling the disadvantaged populations to do even better, then we had better select those candidates for public office that make it possible. This magnificent performance was no fluke. It was three years of sustained improvement and the result of Republican growth policies such as tax cuts and elimination of prosperity-strangling regulations.

If we get Democrats in Hartford or Washington, we will be assaulted with stifling tax increases, more suffocating regulations, oppressive government spending, and a pernicious pile of debt. These are not conjectures. They are explicit promises in the Democratic platforms and speeches and the actual performance during the Obama-Biden years.

John Early

Fieldcrest Drive, Sept. 20