For racial justice

In response to recent, continuing, and escalating tragic events, Ridgefield Allies, a local community organization working for racial justice, has issued a statement calling on all people of goodwill to redouble their efforts to practice “3 Simple Steps:

1. Self educate: Make the personal investment to educate yourself about issues such as systemic racism, inherent bias and Black Lives Matter. It is also important to become more aware of and better informed about the literature and history of people of color.

2. Set a standard: If you see racist behavior, or if you hear someone say something racist, speak up. Let them know this is not okay with you. This is especially important when it’s a family member, a friend or a co-worker. Set a standard and live those values.

3. Use your privilege: Your words and voice have power, both socially and politically. Use this power to help bring about the positive changes you want to see in the world. Write or call your elected officials. Let them know what you want them to do.

Ridgefield Allies’ entire statement introducing and prescribing these “3 Simple Steps”, along with organization information and anti-racism resources, can be found on the organization’s website at

Ridgefield Allies is a local community organization dedicated to assisting residents to educate and motivate themselves to become active, effective, and continuous allies in the struggle for racial justice.

Alex Harris,

Ridgefield Allies,

Ridgefield, Aug. 29