LETTER: Football spreads virus

To the Editor:

I’m sitting at Tiger Hollow watching 40-plus youths play tackle football against New Canaan. Constant contact and close-quarters breathing are happening every play. No masks, no distancing, and not one of these kids have been tested.

In the stands, I count 40-plus adults and family members. There are seven masks. No distancing. Presumably none of these people have been tested.

This is insane — an outbreak in waiting. There is a reason colleges are canceling games: it can’t be done safely without rapid, reliable testing. Even RHS has called off its season. Everyone knows this is unsafe.

And yet, we continue to play, to put our kids and our community at risk. This isn’t about football — I love football more than most. There is no reason for this to continue. No honest adult can think this is safe.

We like to pretend as if Ridgefield has taken this pandemic seriously. Take a drive up to Tiger Hollow next Saturday to see just how much we are kidding ourselves.

Michael Campbell

Ridgefield, Sept. 5