LETTER: Double standard with Democrats

To the Editor:

Rudy, I have watched weekend after weekend the Ridgefield DTC set up their “pop up” headquarters on town property at the Ridgefield Town Hall. I have heard and seen complaints and I know you have as well.

Imagine my surprise this morning when I saw the Democratic headquarters once again being set up at Town Hall! The arrogance is dumbfounding. As if campaigning on town-owned property isn’t bad enough, the absentee ballot box is right around the corner. In fact the arrow on the sign points directly to their tent!

Any idea how intimidating this is? As residents and visitors stroll our beautiful town they are being accosted by Democratic volunteers to vote for their candidates and to take their literature. No one should be approached or intimidated by ANY campaign volunteer.

To add insult to injury, yesterday one of the DTC members was caught on video removing Republican signs and throwing them in her car, despite someone asking for the signs so he could return them to Republican headquarters. Her defense was the signs were placed on public property. Not sure of her official, if any, status with the town, but clearly there seems to be a double standard.

I am so disgusted right now. I am a Ridgefield Republican and taxpayer. I have voted for you over the years and this is how you represent me, us? The Democratic candidates running for office in Ridgefield have made it clear that they do not care about all of Ridgefield. I am surprised and very saddened to see that you don’t either.

Robin Caruso

Conley Court, Oct. 18