To the Editor:

Theologians (and psychologists for that matter) caution against getting caught up in righteous anger. But I am a fallible human being.

So it angered me that last Sunday, when Democratic Town Committee volunteers came to set up their pop-up headquarters before Town Hall — an option available to any organization that first seeks permission — they found ugly words scratched on the low bluestone-topped wall behind which they’d stood the day before. Next to the phrase “Trump 2020” was a crudely lettered obscenity, followed by the name of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden.

A Ridgefield police officer promptly responded to a call reporting the damage; he said the town’s maintenance staff likely will be able to restore the bluestone to its former pristine condition — a cost borne by all Ridgefielders, regardless of political persuasion.

May that attractive, welcoming space at our iconic Town Hall stay pristine through the Republicans’ use of it later in October and beyond. That it does so will be a quiet but firm statement from the majority in our community — and in our nation — who desire that political discourse and policy be held to a higher standard from November 3, 2020, onward.

Angela Liptack

Wilton Road East, Oct. 5