LETTER: Democrats unified against regionalization

To the Editor:

This year the Ridgefield Republicans are employing tactics right out of the National Republicans’ playbook when it comes to scare tactics and untruths regarding school regionalization.

It was local Democratic opposition to school regionalization led by our State Sen. Will Haskell that was critical to our collective success in opposing school regionalization. As a senator from the majority party in the legislature, Sen. Haskell is really listened to by the Democratic Party leaders, and he’s been remarkably effective in forming coalitions to represent the views of Ridgefielders in Hartford.

Similarly, Aimee Berger-Girvalo opposes school regionalization and will be just as effective with the Democratic leadership of the State House of Representatives once she is elected. If Ridgefield Republicans were really being honest about who will be effective on the issue that they stress in their campaign, the GOP lawn signs would say, “Vote Democratic to Protect Our Schools.”

Alisa Trachtenberg

Ridgefield, Oct. 19