LETTER: Democrats fight backwards ideas

To the Editor:

Will Haskell, incumbent state senator, and Aimee Berger-Girvalo, candidate for state representative, will prioritize Ridgefield families’ and businesses’ financial struggles, all-consuming health worries, and concern about losing local control of schools and zoning.

Haskell and Berger-Girvalo recognize, however, that Ridgefielders’ interests are entwined with those of all Americans. Their Republican opponents wrongly claim that actions at the federal level are irrelevant.

The reality is that draft bills regularly appear in Hartford to limit women’s reproductive rights, which are protected under Connecticut’s 1990 Freedom of Choice Act, and reverse progress on key environmental and public health issues. Democrats Haskell and Berger-Girvalo will fight against these and other backwards ideas and for laws to reduce gun violence; assist seniors; and tackle healthcare costs, climate change, and racial injustice.

Legislators must be knowledgeable and principled on multiple issues — not just one or two. Vote Nov. 3 for Haskell and Berger-Girvalo.

Angela Liptack

Wilton Road East, Oct. 12