To the Editor:

As I reflect on this very critical election season, there are a few significant issues that are top of mind for me and our town. Protecting our local zoning laws, saving our schools from forced regionalization, reigning in the spending in Hartford to keep our taxes in check and ensuring we support our police.

To me, there is only one candidate that will protect Ridgefield against the Democratic policies that will erode our local P&Z and BOE from governing in our town’s best interests, ensure Hartford is more fiscally responsible and defend (not defund) our police.

Bob Hebert has spent the past two decades supporting Ridgefield and making it the town we all love to live in today. As a member of the Board of Selectmen these past five years he has governed Ridgefield supporting all its residents. The choice is clear and that is why I will be voting for Bob as our state representative on Nov. 3.

Michael Raduazzo

195 Peaceable St., Sept. 6