Bob’s strong on issues

It is vital in these difficult times that we elect Bob Hebert to be the next 111th District representative because he substantively addresses issues facing our state. He addresses six key ones in “Bob’s Platform” in, all well worth reading, but only one due to word count limit is shown below.

Bob strongly advocates legislation supporting more local autonomy to not devalue historic districts, nor strip away the character of towns like Ridgefield. Specifically, he will push for alteration of 8-30g to lower the 10% long-duration deed restrictions for affordable housing, as well as giving credit for sales or rentals without deed restrictions. He further strongly opposes the misnomer Desegregation in Connecticut bill which would entail much more severe rules on town including Ridgefield.

It is essential to elect officials, including Bob, who address logically and thoroughly the many issues we face in the State.

William Jaeger

38 Circle Drive East, Aug. 27