LETTER: Bob, deficit fighter

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Send letters to the editor to: news@theridgefieldpress.com

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To the Editor:

I am voting for Bob Hebert and here is why I think you should too.

Connecticut faces an existential crisis — massive unfunded pension liabilities. They threaten the economic stability of the state, are starving other vital services of funds, and could lead to catastrophic property tax increases.

Recent data by the Bureau of Economic Analysis suggests the deficit is much larger than feared. Unfortunately, both the Malloy and Lamont administrations, caving under pressure from special interest groups, chose to kick the can.

I believe Bob Hebert possesses the temperament, common sense pragmatism, and financial acumen to solve this difficult problem in a way that is fair to current retirees, ensures the pension funds’ future stability, enhances Connecticut’s economic vitality, and protects Ridgefielders from burdensome taxes.

Tim Vilinskis

Olmstead Lane, Sept. 5