LETTER: Beware hateful left

Ridgefielders’ letters to the editor should be emailed to: news@theridgefieldpress.com

Ridgefielders’ letters to the editor should be emailed to: news@theridgefieldpress.com

Macklin Reid / Hearst Connecticut Media

To the Editor:

For 20 years we’ve lived in Ridgefield, only lately have we read such hate-filled letters in The Ridgefield Press.

Last week writers were again bashing President Trump, pointing out he was impeached by the left-wing Dems. One writer had forgotten his past-president, Bill Clinton, was impeached.

Speaking of which, we ask why the following people from the Clinton-Biden-Obama eras have still not been legally sanctioned, arrested, jailed for their crimes against our nation: e.g., Hillary Clinton for “giving” 20 percent of our country’s uranium to Russia in exchange for their “donation” of millions of dollars to Clinton Foundation; Hillary Clinton lying about Benghazi and taking no responsibility; Hillary Clinton having top-secret classified emails on her private server — destroying the emails — smashing her staff phones containing that information; former FBI Peter Strzok and Lisa Page had classified Clinton emails and conspired against President Trump; Obama and Clinton funded by George Soros entities, dollar amounts never reported; Joe Biden involved in Ukraine and China holdings with son Hunter Biden, taking in millions during the Obama years.

Don’t forget the $150 billion cash on pallets former President Obama delivered to Iran, with John Kerry’s assistance, giving Iran a path to nuclear weapons. This Iran deal was a betrayal and soon Iran was chanting “Death to America!”

We Americans had to endure two-and-a-half years of the Mueller sham “investigating” Russian collusion in the 2016 election, to no avail, costing us taxpayers millions of dollars.

The Republican Party has been far too “polite” not aggressively pursuing these crimes of treason and making these people pay for their illicit actions. We must preserve and protect our Constitution and Bill of Rights and never allow our country to be ruled by the left-wing socialists, anarchists, communists and Soros entities which are trying to take over the minds of our students, and our voting citizens.

Raymond L. Sementini,

Catherine A. Sementini

Old Wagon Road, Sept. 22