Aimee’s for health

It’s baffling to me — a psychiatric social worker with years of experience — that there’s even a question about whether or not we — who view ourselves a civilized people in a country that ranks among (the lowest of) the world’s 20 most prosperous nations — commit to doing all possible to promote the medical and mental health of our citizens.

This is what we debate? Whether or not people are deserving? Whether or not to rescind the Affordable Care Act and its extension of Medicaid, threatening coverage to millions of Americans, while offering no alternatives?

As we face COVID-19, job losses, school shutdowns, increases in anxiety and depression, we must look to leaders who promote access to care. If there was ever a time to unite to ensure that all citizens — regardless of social status — have access to affordable health care, it is now! Vote for Aimee Berger-Girvalo for state rep!

Sylvia Steinert, LCSW

Barlow Mountain Road, Aug. 27