Voice for common sense in Hartford




Though I understand the discussion about abortions in CT as pronounced at the candidates’ forum sponsored by the League of Women’s voters, but women have many more concerns than just one that is already codified in CT law.  Bob Hebert understands that women face many challenges and will look more completely to their concerns such as  women’s health, access to medical and behavioral health, women’s roles in their children and family lives and their careers.   To continue the narrow discussion on abortions diminishes the other issues that define a woman’s life.

We can do better for women!  I am endorsing Bob Hebert for state representative.  He believes that the people of Ridgefield have broad ideas of how they would like to see their community.  Bob is willing to listen to everyone’s point of view and makes every effort to be sensitive to their voices.  Bob is not going to Hartford to rubber stamp a single ideology as he believes that what may be good for other towns may not fit here.  He will represent every Ridgefielder regardless of political affiliation.  He has a proven track record as our selectman for the past seven years.

Women’s issues are very important to Bob especially health concerns and access to healthcare.  As a physician, I respect and trust Bob’s willingness to address these issues.  There are many challenges for women, along with those of their families and their children.  We can do so much better if we get out of the cocoon of single issues and look at the whole picture that affect our lives. 

Join me in voting for Bob Hebert on November 8th.  He will be our voice for common sense in Hartford.

Geeta George